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About Us

Meresak Law is a boutique legal research, writing and litigation firm located in St. Louis, Missouri, focusing on elite motion practice, discovery management and trial and appellate work in the St. Louis area.

We provide legal services with a focus on motion practice, research, writing and litigation services.

The Two-Brain Theory

It is difficult to be at your best when you are thinking in isolation or acting outside of your expertise.  Collaboration brings fuller experience and creativity to the table.  This is even more the case when you include intelligent, creative problem solvers—like us—in the process. 

Keep Costs Low

At Meresak Law, we provide structures that can help keep legal costs low—from law clerk-attorney teams that manage expenses while providing stellar performance to tightly managed projects where work is assigned in one to two hour increments, assuring consistent oversight and managed results.  We bill at competitive rates and also offer flat fees that assure consistency in legal costs.

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